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Safety and Maintenance Tips for Busy Women

A lot of women are living at a hectic pace these days. Many work full time. They take their kids to day care and after-school activities. And a lot of > Read More

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: Then and Now

By now, most of the panic caused by the prospect of working on hybrid electric (HEV) vehicles and electric vehicles (EV) is winding down. Most collision repairers have realized that > Read More

Vehicle Diagnostics in Collision Repair

If you’re in the business of repairing vehicles after an accident, you’re either in, or soon will be in, the vehicle diagnostics business. The proliferation of electronic components and data > Read More

Car Care – Maintenance 101

Vehicle maintenance is one of the more bothersome aspects of automobile ownership. Taking your ride into the dealer is often like having a tooth pulled–painful, but necessary. Maintenance also can > Read More